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Coal Washing Plant

Parnaby Cyclones has been a key partner in maximising the efficiency of coal mining and developing coal washing plant for nearly 50 years. We have developed coal washing plant for separating different grades of coal, the recovery of fine coal particles and the treatment and disposal of effluent.

Over the years Parnaby Cyclones have developed a wide range of plant to include modular coal washing plant and mobile coal washing plant.

Coal washing and its separation improves the saleability of coal.

The end product has:
• Higher calorific value
• Lower ash content
• Potentially lower sulphur content

coal washing plant by Parnaby 

There are two main systems that can be used in the coal washing plant. One uses a natural medium (water and the raw material) and the other uses a dense medium (with magnetite added)

Natural Medium Coal Washing Plant

The natural medium coal washing plant is the most cost-effective method of processing easily separated coals - especially run of mine coal for industrial use - and of recovering coal from colliery waste.

The plant uses four types of separating equipment:
• Barrel
• Cyclones
• Dewatering screens
• Sieve bends

The Parnaby Cyclones natural medium coal washing plant has the following benefits:

• Low capital cost
• Low running cost
• High efficiency
• Robust modular design
• Quick to assemble, easy to move
• Extensive product range
• Low power use

Dense Medium Coal Washing Plant

The Dense Medium Coal washing plant is the most efficient separation process available. It is ideally suited for:

• Difficult coal separation
• Cleaning high value coal for domestic and industrial use

The overall process differs from the natural medium coal washing plant because the medium is created using magnetite (fine iron particles) instead of the fine particles in the raw material. This allows for more control and a wider range of separation gravities.

The dense medium coal washing plant can efficiently separate raw material of a wide range of proportions up to 50% coal, 50% shale.

Other benefits include:

• Choice of 2 or 3 product separator drum
• Low power requirement
• High efficiency
• Low magnetite consumption
• Robust modular design
• Quick to assemble, easy to move
• Can easily be enclosed in a building
• Extensive product range
• Single drum capacity up to 250 tonnes per hour

Fines coal recovery
The natural and dense medium coal washing plants can recover coal as small as 0.5mm particle size. Smaller particles pass through the screens and drain to the effluent sump.
We have developed a range of fines coal recovery plants to treat the overflow from the coal washing plant before it goes for effluent treatment. These plants can recover and dewater coal particles as small as 100 microns.
We supply four products for fines coal recovery

 Water-only cyclones
 Hydrosizers (upward flow separators)
 Gravity spiral separators
 Froth floatation cells.

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For further information about Coal Washing Plant, please visit our main site